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Tameo TMK447

1:43 McLaren MP4/4 Honda #11 #12

Monte Carlo

McLaren F1


Monte Carlo

Monaco Grand Prix

Absolute domination, that in a nutshell is the story of the McLaren Mp4/4 that won the Formula 1 world title in 1988. The design bears the signature of Gordon Murray and Steve Nichols, and it is considered one of the best Formula 1 single-seaters of all time, having won 15 of the 16 Grands Prix in which it participated with its two starting drivers Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. Exactly 30 after Senna's passing in 1994, we decided to make the model of the early-season MP4/4 with which Senna won his first victory with Team McLaren and Prost his last victory at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. This is a completely new simple kit designed to meet current quality standards and do justice to one of the most successful single-seaters in Formula 1 history.

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